About Me


Maine (ME) is a very nice state. It has tasty blueberries and fine, fresh seafood to eat. It has a rugged, beautiful coast, and a vast unspoiled interior with lakes and mountains. So close to Boston, why not visit Maine?

If you came here looking for something about Me (as in the personal pronoun, not the state), sorry - I'm not as interesting as the pine tree state. I am an experienced leader in developing (and creating passionate users of) technology products, projects, and teams. I’ve spent my 20 year career building globally recognized software businesses at companies including Atlassian, Adobe, Microsoft, and Allaire. My emphasis has been on developer tools and software development platforms; helping software developers build better software. I’ve worked with startups, midsized companies in transition, and the largest global brands, always focused on the same thing: making hard things easy.

I’m delighted to also be a founding mentor at Smarter in the City (http://smarterinthecity.com/), a high-tech accelerator network for inner city neighborhoods. We are specifically addressing the lack of opportunities for computer science and digital media entrepreneurs in lower-income neighborhoods and minority communities – starting with our new accelerator in Boston’s Dudley Square. We help provide opportunity for local entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities to develop their programs, apps and companies, while advancing technical and business skills.

You can contact me via tim at buntel dot com. I'll do my best to reply promptly - unless of course I'm vacationing in Maine.

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